Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time Apart

So I guess this’ll come as a shock to a lot of you, but Sarah and I just decided to take some time off.

It’s been five years and though we really, really love each other…that’s all she kept saying -"but you know how much I love you"… I guess this might be for the best for now. This is definitely a break. Who knows? Maybe we’ll end up back together. But right now what we both need is a break. I’ve been feeling it certainly. Like for me to be creatively pure I need to shed all earthly things and that for at least a temporary moment is her.

I need some time to really delve back into my creative work. I mean, I really need to get back to composing stuff that I like…stuff that I’ve put on hold so I could take care of Sarah, pay attention to Sarah, spoil Sarah, love Sarah, cherish Sarah, support Sarah’s career. And I know Sarah could use some time to try and elevate her career. She’s never gonna make the film jump from a B-level TV actress if she only keeps making crappy horror movies.

Anyway…she’s pretty upset. Probably in denial…I hope the press isn’t too hard on her. I really feel bad for her that she’s so in the spot light. I just pity her.