Monday, March 10, 2008

Absence Makes The Balls Grow Blue

Sorry to be gross honey, but it does. It’s been almost a month since you have been home for more then a couple of hours and I just haven't been able to sleep well without you. Sometimes I find myself talking aloud to you on the TV show. You've been so busy on set that you've barely had time to talk to me. I feel bad for me. But mainly of course I feel bad for you, busy working 24/7.

But you get home in three days and I have a fantastic weekend planned. I’m going to make my famous veggie steaks, break open a bottle of like super nice syrah, and get 16 Candles warmed up on DVD…and we don’t ever have to leave the bedroom. I hope I can pretend I’m not as horny as I am when you get in the door. I know, I shouldn't talk dirty...

Before you get home, I will clean the house from top to bottom. I also promise to store the puppets I don't use. But you know how it is, so hard to choose among my babies. I am also going to go for a jog after this. I keep meaning to start that exercise routine, but it's hard when I'm so in the head of my Dracula musical.

Love you Sarah, I know you are reading and watching all of these videos :)