Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Something dawned on me tonight. I think I understand why I haven’t been able to grow creatively and have gotten stuck in my career. My bro pointed this out to me. Granted, I threw the remote at his oversized forehead and kicked him out of the house…but the more I thought about it…

Dating Sarah Marshall is like scoring the music for a crappy TV show. All melody, no harmony!

It’s not real music. It’s just there to make scary people scarier or funny people funnier…or pretty people prettier.

Is that all I was there for? Was to make you prettier? You kept me around because I was the one making your performances pop? Selling you to your fans? Holding your purse while your photograph got wired to every paper and blog in the world? Even though the whole time you knew I wasn’t growing as a musician???

Well forget about it. I’m not letting YOU hold ME back anymore. I’ve got more going on than melody and backup tracks. My rock opera will live…

And Sarah Marshall will not be featured. I’m over you, Sarah Marshall. I am totally over you. And if you call me I will not answer. No matter how many times you call and beg to get back together I will never let you back in. Once this door closes it closes forever. I am at home near the phone and I still won’t answer. Also, I’m not the one calling you and hanging up so stop telling people that lie.